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Friday Creamery – Surabaya Ice Cream with International Taste

friday creamery surabaya

Just as if Bebini Gelati (congrats Chef Arnold Po and Tiffany Soetanto!) and Ice Cream Queens is not enough. Surabaya people are in for a treat for more sweet and savoury ice cream! It is called Friday Creamery, an apt name for ice cream that is made for people who want to enjoy their hot weekend with something cool. I heard this from a friend who actually had early access to initial tasting by the owners and boy does she loved it! She kept mentioning that Friday Creamery Egg Tart Ice Cream was heavenly and I decided that I should have it too!

The ordering process were pretty straight forward, went to their Instagram account @friday.creamery, which then directs me to their Line account “@yga4161r”. (You can just click on the link to try it out!) And then I order their Friday Creamery 3-in-1 sharing package, which comes with three flavours, Japanese Miso Caramel, Hong Kong’s Egg Tart and French Sea Salt Caramel. Separately it cost 42k for Miso Caramel and 38k for Egg Tart and the Sea Salt Chocolate, while the value package comes at a cheaper price of 105k. Great deal!

When it comes, they have kindly package it with dry ice to keep it cool and frosty and the three cups were bigger than I expected. Friday Creamery boast that the three cups is filled with three scoops of ice cream each, which is going to mean that I’m going to gobble up a total of NINE SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM! Can’t wait, let’s get to the tasting part.

Disclaimer: I borrow below pictures from Friday Creamery’s official Instagram Account @friday.creamery 😀

Friday Creamery Menu 1: Japanese Miso Caramel (42k)

friday creamery surabaya japanese miso caramel

For me, I like the Miso Caramel the most. It has the ever friendly Caramel taste with a hint of Miso in it, very unique! It also has a bits and pieces of what I think is a biscuit which compliments well with the ice cream. This cup with three scoops in it is so not enough.

Friday Creamery Menu 2: Hong Kong’s Egg Tart (38k)

friday creamery surabaya hong kong egg tart

The second flavour that Friday Creamery offer is the Hong Kong’s Egg Tart. I seriously think that it is a strong contender that is tied with Miso Caramel for first position. It is so good with is crunchy egg tart pastries that is sprinkled among the sweet ice cream. You should definitely give it a try!

Friday Creamery Menu 3: French Sea Salt Caramel (38k)

friday creamery surabaya french sea salt chocolate

Their third flavour is the French Sea Salt Caramel. It is the old and classic chocolate ice cream with a twist, a little bit of French Sea Salt that is combined with Chocolate coated potato chips. Imagine Japanese Royce Chocolate Potato Chips in Ice Cream! How it is crunchy and melts in your mouth. Mmm. You can’t get enough of it.

Overall, after tasting the nine scoops from 3 cups of Friday Creamery, I believe that Friday Creamery Ice Cream is different from Bebini Gelati and Ice Cream Queens because it gives more cream in the ice cream flavour while the other two latter is lighter and some people might prefer that. All in all, you should definitely give it a try first!


P.S. After I kepo their Instagram account again, they have a 10% discount for orders made through Masaku platform. Feel sad I didn’t know it earlier. T3T I will definitely order with Masaku next time, 10% from 105k is quite a good deal. Here is a link to their Masaku page <>

Until next time!

Sierra Manee

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