Skyline Design Gallery and Cafe : Where Good Food and Design meets
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Skyline Design Gallery and Cafe : Where Coffee, Food and Interior Design meets

Skyline 10

Hello Gregeters, it’s been a while since I wrote this blog post in English!

Skyline 1

When I asked my friends which café has yummiest smoothie bowl in Surabaya, lots of them will say Skyline Design Gallery and Café.

Skyline Design Gallery and Café, as the name explains, also serves as interior design showroom, which explains why there are many spots adorned by fancy- looking stools and lamps, while each rooms also have different design and furniture, such a good atmosphere for formal meeting, weekend meet-up or a place to work your assignment. I guess that’s the power of interior design tho 😀

Skyline 2

We got a chance to try various delectable coffees, foods and desserts from Skyline. It was quite challenging yet fun to take their photos, since there are also many interesting spots and properties to take with.


Skyline 3

Affogato (35k)

Skyline 4

Cappuccino (25k)

As a coffee shop, they also sell various kinds of coffee, say it V60 or just common cappuccino, you can find all of the decent ones here. I don’t like espresso, but be it with vanilla ice cream together as bittersweet creamy Affogato, I can’t help much but to love it!


Skyline 5

Hawaiian Breeze-Pineapple Mango and Spinach (40k)

Honeydew Kiwi Cooler-Melon Kiwi and Honey (40k)

Inspired by the healthy smoothie trend, these are my most favorite part of brunch today! The smoothie in jar is such a refreshing welcome drink that day, fresh with the sweetness only from the fruit and honey.  The smoothie’s texture is just on-point, not too thick yet not too watery, so it was really nice to enjoy them with the light bites, especially when you need lots of vitamins to survive Surabaya’s heat.

Skyline 6

The Berries (55k)

The Berries is simply everything that you love in smoothie bowl, fresh and healthy. I love that even they use various kind of berries such as Acai Berry, Blueberry and Raspberry, but they don’t taste as boring sour as I thought before, thanks to the nice combination with sweet ripe Banana and delightful crunch of pumpkin seed, almond, and granola! Trust me that maybe a bowl is not enough!


Skyline 7

Chicken Baguette (75k)

Chicken Breast, Cheese, Caramelized Onion and Special Sauce

For those of you who want to eat savory main course thingy, you guys can try sandwich, toast and quiche from Skyline. Chicken Baguette was nicely presented on wooden cutting board along with the brown sauce, salad and potato chips. However considering the price, honestly I expect Skyline to offer something more than the common potato chips that we often snack and also more nicely cut chicken breast to accompany the caramelized onion and the cheese

Skyline 8

Ham and Cheese Toasties (55k)

Roasted Pork Ham, Cheese and Butter

Ham and cheese toasties was a better option for me, even though it is not as fulfilling as the baguette, but the presentation was better and tasted more appetizing, although I’d like bigger portion for the price offered.

Skyline 9

Veggie Quiche Lorraine (40k)

Veggie Quiche Lorraine is my decent option for this round! Yeah, I love the mushroom filling for the quiche, it was nicely done with the crunchy tart crust. Hail the Lorraine!


Skyline 10

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (35k)

Most of the desserts in Skyline were nicely presented with ice cream, to help you fight the heat of Surabaya 😀 The apple pie’s crust tart is thin and crunchy, perfect to accompany the cinnamon apple filling and butter crumbles, reminded me of the classic American dessert, although the strawberry pocky is a rather quirky addition to the presentation 😀

Skyline 11

Carrot and Chocolate Cake (35k)

Carrot and chocolate cake unfortunately was my least favorite dessert for me. Not because it’s without ice cream though, but more because of the texture was a bit too mushy and not firm enough to bite, flavor-wise for me is a bit off. The chocolate sauce did not help much, I guess because it was lacking the crunchy texture.

Skyline 12

Crepes Layer (45k)

The crepes layer is also one classic decadent dessert, 20-ish of paper-thin French crepes with pastry cream, accompanied with vanilla ice cream to make it a super creamy sweet escape for you. You can also choose the sauce, such as Taro, Coconut, Pistachio and Thai Tea (I would love to try the Thai Tea too!). However if you are not a fan of creamy desserts, you might perceive this dessert to be too creamy and easily get satiated in few bites.

Skyline 13

Red Velvet Lava with Ice Cream (60k)

Red Velvet Lava with ice cream came with simplistic presentation and because it is a lava cake, you’d better eat it while the filling inside the cake is melting. The lava cake is moist, yet does not feel to heavy to eat with the ice cream.

Skyline 14

Overall, Skyline Design Gallery and Café has nice atmosphere, just perfect for your meeting or just for brunch with your friends. I woud like recommend the dessert and the smoothies bowl for your meal. However, if you are the ones who are used to eat bigger and heavier meal might feel that they are lacking of menu variation. See you in another post!

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